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At Southwark Film Office we pride ourselves in understanding the needs of each individual production, offering advice on locations, applying for film permits, costs, traffic management, resident engagement and training for local people.

With the iconic location of Bankside and its river walk beside The Globe, The Tate and Millenium Bridge and providing views of the River Thames, Tower Bridge and St. Paul’s Cathedral along with the riverside at Bermondsey overlooking Canary Wharf; its popular urban locations Elephant and Castle and Peckham; the beautiful country feel of Dulwich Village and Peckham Rye, Southwark offers Location Managers a huge variety of options.

The Southwark Film Office is always happy to help either on the phone 020 7620 0391 or by email at and local knowledge is readily at hand.


Made by filmmakers for filmmakers. FilmApp is the global industry standard in online film permitting. FilmApp allows city and local authorities to take their film application online simply and inexpensively.
To find out more please visit the website Apply4

FAQ’s Film Companies

  • Q Do I need a licence to film if I have 5 or fewer people on the public highway only, with a hand held or tripod mounted camera?
    Though there is no legal requirement to obtain permission to film on pavements, it is illegal to obstruct the pavement with your crew or equipment. To avoid any problems, we suggest you get a written film agreement stating the terms and conditions under which you may film and use the resulting footage for commercial purposes
  • Q Do I need to notify you if I am filming on private property or inside a private residence?
    Although we do not necessarily need to licence your filming, we do ask that you make us aware of your filming as we have a duty of care to ensure that productions have completed a sufficient residential consultation. If you require any parking or use of the public highway, you will need to apply as usual.
  • Q Do I need to provide any insurance for my filming?
    Yes, you are required to supply Public Liability Insurance of a minimum of £5million. The insurance must be in the name of the production company named on the application and valid in the UK.
  • Q How do I apply to film in this borough?
    Please complete the on line application form which can be found at and click the borough you want to film in.
  • Q How much does it cost to film?
    Our fees and charges vary depending on where you are filming. To find the Fees and Charges for the borough/location you want to film in please go to and select the borough/location
  • Q I am filming for a news piece, what do I need to do?
    A film agreement is not usually required for bona fide “news crews” filming on the public highway who are engaged in gathering content for broadcast news. The news crew must be in a possession of a press pass issued by the NUJ and ID provided by their employer. News crews wanting to film within council or privately owned property must obtain the permission of the property owner. A film agreement will be required.
  • Q I am filming in a private property but require parking suspensions, what do I need to do?
    You need to complete a parking suspension application which can be found at You also need to complete the filming application as this is where the parking is processed.
  • Q I have a location brief and I would like suggestions of what will work from your borough?
    FilmFixer are happy to suggest locations within the borough which we believe will work for your brief. < a href="">Please email us with as much of the following as possible: A rough idea of your dates and timings An overview of your brief Any reference images you have The borough or geographical area you are looking in A rough idea of your budget Please make the subject of your email a brief description of what you are looking for e.g. ‘Tree-lined avenue’ or ‘Victorian theatre’ (NOT ‘Location idea’ or ‘Following up on our phonecall’) Please do also have a look at our locations library at and click locations search. If you find specific locations you like, do let us know in your email.
  • Q I want to hire a sports pitch or court for filming, how does this work?
    You still apply to FilmFixer who will then liaise with the relevant sports pitch/court for your booking. Some pitches/courts come with hire costs which need to paid on top of location fees and administration costs. FilmFixer will be able to advise of the costs following your application.
  • Q My filming involves a drone, what do I need to know and do?
    Any filming involving a drone will require a separate licence. Please review the application form, guidance notes and information sheet which can be found at
  • Q What do I do if I am unsure as to whether a location is in this borough or not?
    Google Maps provide a very helpful link which shows the different borough boundaries, please check this link before applying to film. Many boroughs have private property which the council cannot licence you to film on, FilmFixer will be able to advise if this is the case with you location following your application.
  • Q When do I need to talk to the police?
    You will need to obtain police consent when you are filming with anything that looks like a weapon (knives, baseball bats etc), any replica or airsoft firearms, when you have actors in uniform, if you are filming with replica emergency vehicles, if your scenes could seen as a criminal or violent act, if you have real or perceived nudity or when there could be an issue with public safety due to your filming. The contact details for the MET Police Film Unit 0203 054 5555 or 07768 055 260
  • Q Who do I contact for a child’s licence?
    Any filming which involves the employment of children (whether paid or not) requires approval from the relevant council’s education department. The licence must be issued by the council where the child lives, and not the borough where the filming is taking place.
  • Q Who in your office do I need to speak to about my filming?
    If you are working on a large scale commercial, a TV drama or a Feature film, it is likely you will need to speak to Borough Film Officer who are listed on our contact us page. If you are a student, charity production, small scale filming enquiry or small scale commercial (and the shoot does not involve drones or other complex elements) you need to speak to a member of the coordinator team. Alternatively, please email and we will pass your enquiry onto the relevant member of staff who will then contact you.
  • Q Will the council charge a location fee for my film shoot?
    Location fees are what the council charge for the use of an area for commercial filming purposes. Location fees are chargeable when your filming takes place in ANY of the following locations. Parks, green spaces, square, pedestrian areas, markets, interiors of buildings, leisure centres, swimming pools, estates, river side walkways and car parks. When filming on a public highway, you will not be charged a location fee, however you can expect administration costs along with other associated costs dependent on what you are doing and the equipment you are using. Please see our Fees and Lead in Times document which can be downloaded from

Contact Information

Southwark Film Office representatives:

Andrew Pavord
Chairman, Film Officer

Charlie Scott
Assistant Film Officer
020 7620 0391

24hr emergency phone: 07919 002 115
Please only use this emergency contact number if you have concerns about filming taking place at the moment. If you need to apply for a film licence please go to FilmApp.

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